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National Bike Month Featuring Composites

May 1, 2019 11:59:00 AM EDT by Brisk Heat

Based on having the ability to quickly manufacture engineered composite or replacement parts, Specialized Bike Components need to ensure riders are quickly able to get back on the road or gain every possible advantage to get across the finish line faster. In addition, product design requires the capability to bond and cure existing or new bike components together in new and innovative configurations. 

Composite Curing Family

Compared to conventional and time-consuming bagging and autoclaving composite repair processing, BriskHeat vacuum curing/debulking tables allow for Specialized Bike customers to be back on the road or track in comparatively little time. They have realized additional value by using the table to create fixtures and display pieces.

BriskHeat has process heating equipment to cure composite resins, prepreg cloth (fabric reinforced with a resin), and bond adhesives. The BriskHeat VT4000 vacuum curing/debulking table, utilized at Specialized Bicycle Components, is specifically designed to quickly provide heat and vacuum in one easy step for composite manufacture or repair. BriskHeat tables are equipped with PID temperature controllers to provide better accuracy during ramp and cool cycles. The PID controllers can store and run ramp/soak programs or single temperature cures, as required by the composite material.

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