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BriskHeat's flexible surface heaters and temperature controls are used across nearly every industry to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Freeze Protection

Cold temperatures can often damage or destroy objects and their contents.  Pipes, valves, tanks, vessels, conveyers, and housings are examples of common objects that can be hurt by the cold.  BriskHeat flexible surface heating products wrap around these items to protect them in even the most extreme conditions.

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Process Temperature Control and Maintenance

You may have a process that requires an elevated temperature.  This simply means that you have an operation of some sort that requires maintaining a temperature of an object within a given range.  To ensure successful results in all types of processes, consult BriskHeat for the proper surface heating product for your application.

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Flow Viscosity Control

Many liquids flow easier when they are heated.  Common examples include motor oil, honey, tar, syrup, melted plastic, sulfuric acid, molten glass, and food-processing oils.  BriskHeat’s flexible surface heating products will heat these items, without direct-contact scorching or contamination, to lower viscosity and increase flow.

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Condensation Prevention

When the ambient temperature outside an object is lower than the surface temperature of the object, condensation can form on the inside or outside of the surface.  This can lead to undesirable dripping and potential area-contamination. BriskHeat’s products will create a temperature equilibrium, eliminating condensation problems.

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Composite Curing

BriskHeat manufactures a full line of heaters and temperature controllers designed to solve a wide variety of composite curing and repair applications.

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