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Heating Solutions for All Industries

BriskHeat Globe

Your Heating Specialist Since 1949

For over 70 years, BriskHeat has offered the widest variety of flexible surface heaters, temperature controls, and insulators world-wide. Our core heating element technology is extremely durable and flexible making it suitable for a wide range of heating applications.

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Petrochemical plant

Industrial Solutions

BriskHeat provides hundreds of industries around the world with heaters that fit the requirements and environments to assist you with increased productivity, efficiently reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

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Semiconductor Wafer

Semiconductor, Flat Panel, LCD, LED and Photovoltaic Heating Solutions

Leading Fabs, Foundries, and Equipment Makers rely on BriskHeat to prevent condensation build-up within gas delivery, foreline, and exhaust pipe lines. BriskHeat’s leading edge technology is capable of providing solutions up to 593°C on diameters as small as ¼” (6mm).

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Composite Curing Solutions

BriskHeat provides world class ACR® hot bonders, silicone rubber heating blankets, pipe heating, vacuum tables, and NDT heating systems. With BriskHeat, even the most difficult composite applications can be quickly and easily repaired on site.

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BriskHeat Laboratory Products

Laboratory Heating Solutions

BriskHeat offers a complete line of laboratory heaters and controls to help efficiently heat-up and maintain precise temperatures of contents with our off-the-shelf and custom solutions.

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BriskHeat Ohms Law

OEM / Engineered Solutions

Secure your success. Design the optimum OEM surface heating solution with BriskHeat. With 60+ years of experience, we use a wide variety of customizable solutions and will work with you to create a reliable solution that meets and exceeds expectations.

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BriskHeat Heating Solutions

Home & Office Solutions

BriskHeat offers a wide range of flexible surface and personal comfort heating solutions to keep you warm and safe when it’s cold and icy.

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