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Etched Foil Heaters

  • BriskHeat offers both standard and customized etched foil heating solutions. Our technical experts will integrate your specified application requirements into designing the ideal etched foil heater to fit your application.
  • Custom capabilities of etched foil heaters provide the ability to design a heater to fit virtually any shape, cut-out, size you need with the materials and performance to fit your exact specifications.
  • Designed to conform to your exact requirements.
  • Quick turnaround prototyping.
  • Ideal For: OEM applications, analytical instrumentation, medical, semiconductor, electronics (Indoor and Outdoor), aerospace, and much more.

Key performance features that make etched foil heaters an ideal heater choice:

  • Ultra-thin profile
  • High watt densities
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Very fast thermal response time
  • Extremely flexible ultra-tight bend radius

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  • Thin profile:
    • As thin as 5.5 mil (0.0055”) (0.14mm) without PSA backing
    • As thin as 10 mil (0.010”) (0.25mm) with PSA backing
  • Maximum size: up to 22” x 30” (559mm x 762mm)
  • High watt densities: up to 15 watts/in2 (0.023 watts/mm2)


Design Options

  • Choice of outer materials to meet your environment and application:
    • Polyimide film
    • silicone rubber
  • Attachment options:
    • PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing
    • Epoxies
    • Pre-attached to your plates and/or object being heated
  • Zone heating options:
    • Single-zone
    • multi-zone
    • Dual-element heaters
  • Integrated sensors, fuses, and control devices available
  • Turnkey systems with temperature controlling devices available

Materials options to meet your environment and application needs:

Outer Material

Maximum Exposure Temperature

Total Thickness with PSA backing


Silicone Rubber

450° F (232° C)

60 mil (0.06") (1.52mm)

Moisture and chemical resistance

Polyimide Film

392° F (200° C)

10 mil (0.010") (0.25mm)

Thinnest and highest dielectric strength

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