BriskHeat Custom Heating and Temperature Control Solutions

BriskHeat Custom Heating Solutions; heat TapeSince 1949 BriskHeat has been designing and manufacturing custom heating solutions to meet customer needs around the world. Utilizing our core technology, a multi-stranded heating element, we are able to build unique flexible heaters for a variety of applications. Our dedication to you the customer, our passion for exceptional service, attention to detail, and surface heating knowledge allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver a complete custom a heating system for your unique requirements.

With over 67 years of electric surface heating experience, we have solved thousands of custom applications with customer focused solutions that meet performance expectations, budget constraints, and delivery demands, all using our core heating element technology assembled in just about every shape, size, material configuration and environment imaginable.Cloth Heating Tape

Custom solutions include:

  • Cloth Heating Jackets
  • Cloth Insulators
  • Silicone Rubber Drum Heating Blankets
  • Cloth and Silicone Rubber Heating Tape
  • Custom Temperature Controllers
  • Hopper Heating Solutions
  • and more....

Custom Cloth Heating Jackets & Cloth Insulation

BriskHeat’s custom cloth jacket heaters easily solve applications that require uniform temperature control. Our cloth heating jackets are a do-it-all product that provides accurate and precise heat with built in insulation. All BriskHeat heating jackets are designed to fit any size piping, valves, regulators and other components perfectly, to supply heat energy in the most efficient manner with minimal heat loss, unlike other surface heating solutions. Applications such as precise process temperature control of exotic gas mixtures in the semiconductor manufacturing industry benefit greatly from the custom cloth heating jackets by BriskHeat.
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Custom Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets

Embedding our multi-stranded heating element in flexible silicone rubber coating allows us to manufacture flexible silicone rubber heating blankets of any shape and size to fit your heating needs. BriskHeat’s flexible silicone rubber heating blankets are ideal for heating tanks, vessels, barrels and much more to temperatures as high as 450F° (232C°). Other applications our custom heating blankets are perfect for include enclosure heating for condensation prevention, medical examining table drawer warming, food service equipment to keep food warm prior to being served and even curing composite materials used in the aviation and transportation industry.
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Custom Etched Foil Heaters

Designed to meet your exact specifications, BriskHeat manufactures customized etched foil heating solutions. We provide etched foil heaters with ultra-thin profile and high-watt densities in order to supply uniform heat distribution and fast thermal response for your application. These heaters are ideal for OEM applications, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor needs, medical instrumentation use, electronics, aerospace applications and military instruments. Our technical experts will integrate your specified application requirements into designing the ideal etched foil heater to fit your surface heating needs.
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Custom Silicone Rubber & Cloth Heating Tapes

BriskHeat’s XtremeFLEX® heating tapes and cords provide an ideal solution for your surface heating needs. The flexible design and high temperature capability of our heating tapes and cords can be used on any surface or body requiring fast and efficient direct contact heating with maximum exposure temperatures up to 1400F° (760C°). BriskHeat’s rugged and durable heating tapes and cords can be customized to fit your specific application requirements.
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Custom Controllers

Temperature ControlsTo fit your needs and specifications, BriskHeat has the ability to design a temperature control panel for your specific application. With our configure-to-order temperature control panels you can trust that BriskHeat will provide you the highest quality controller to fit your heating needs, regardless of your controller type, power requirements, environment and budget.
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