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SLCBL Downspout Hanger Kit (SLCBL-RDOWN1)

SLCBL Downspout Hanger Kit (SLCBL-RDOWN1) - BriskHeat
SLCBL Series Downspout Hanger Kit
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BriskHeat Downspout Gutter Hangers are used to safely position heating cable into downspouts as part of a roof & gutter snow melting and de-icing system. Combined with SpeedTrace Self-Regulating Heating Cable, BriskHeat de icing cables for gutters, this kit completes your gutter heat tape de-icing solution.

  • Provides mechanical protection to prevent damage to the heating cable as it may go over sharp edges in roof & gutters.
  • For use with SLCBL and SpeedTrace self-regulating heating cable for roof & gutter snow melting and de-icing.
  • Must be bent at 90° and secured with UV resistant cable ties before installation.


Installing Heating Cable Downspout Hanger Bracket in Gutter

Step 1: Bend the Downspout Hanger Bracket to approximately 90 degree. Insert cable ties through holes on the Hanger Bracket and attach the gutter heat cable.
Gutter heating - how to heating cable

Step 2: Position the Hanger Bracket and tighten the cable ties. Trim off excess cable tie.
Gutter heating cables

Step 3: The Hanger Bracket should be centered on the edge of the downspout to prevent mechanical damage and to support the heating cable.
Gutter Heating Cable - Heat solutions

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Material: Aluminum

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