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The LYNX™ Temperature Control System is a state-of-the-art PID (proportional integral derivative) temperature control system comprised of up to 1,024 zones. Each heater (zone) can be individually controlled and monitored. This provides users the ability to track each unit’s performance. Monitor each zone from the full-color touchscreen, the highly visible indicator lights, a remote system, or via email alerts. Extraordinary features and benefits coupled with incredible versatility meet your process expectations with this unique temperature control system.

  • 1:1 PID control to EACH heater
  • Can be used independently or as a system of up to 1,024 zones of control
  • Easy to use Operator Interface (OI) and Temperature Control Modules
  • Can connect to CMS via Modbus
  • Sends email alerts
  • Idle mode option saves energy and time during maintenance

1-to-1 control for each heater promotes uniformity

1-to-1 pid temperature control

Fully functional PID controller in a small, compact design to fit in tight spaces

LYNX™ Temperature Control System

Large 10.1 in TouchscreenControls up to 1024 Units

LYNX™ Temperature Control System User Interface

Can be used with a wide variety of heaters

used for wide variety of heaters

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