Roof & Gutter Ice Dam Prevention

An efficient and safe way to prevent the formation of ice dams on roof and gutters.


During cold winter months ice dams form on the edge of rooftops and cause significant roof damage along with safety hazards from falling ice. Ice dams form when snow on a roof-top melts and then freezes when it reaches a cold spot (typically the eave or roof’s edge). Th e ice dam then traps additional snow melt preventing it from properly draining to the gutters. The trapped water leaks through the roof causing costly structural damage. Additionally, falling ice from ice dams and icicles breaking free from the roof can cause serious injuries and damage to vehicles and property.


BriskHeat SpeedTrace roof & gutter de-icing cable is an easy to install industrial grade heating solution. These kits prevent ice formation on roofs and in gutters by providing an electrical heat source during freezing conditions. The self-regulating design of the heating cable automatically adjusts heat output as ambient temperature change s making this a reliable energy efficient system. Kits come complete with heating cable, roof clips, downspout hangers, and ties for installation. The heating cable is plug-in ready with a standard 3-prong grounded 120V plug for easy power connection to an outdoor rated outlet (230V models are bare wire for attaching local electrical code required plug).

For added efficiency, an optional Thermo-Cube outlet accessory senses ambient air temperatures and automatically turns the heater ON when air temperature drops below 35°F (2°C).

BriskHeat Roof Ice Dam Heater

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