Freezer Door De-Icing

 A simple way to prevent freezer door ice formation


Walk-in and drive-in freezer doors are exposed to several temperature differences from inside and outside of the freezer. When these doors are opended and closed often, condensation can form on the sliding channel and freeze. The ice can build up and interfere with the motion of the hdoor, hindering the door from opening or closing propperly.

Freezer door Icing has the potential to occur with all types of freezer doors including sliding doors, bi-parting doors, overhead doors, vertical lift doors, and more.


To prevent ice formation, install SLCBL self-regulating heating cable on the door frame behind the door track. Self-Regulating heating cable is the perfect solution to protect freezer door tracks from freezing.  The cable is semi-flexible and is specifically designed for freeze protection. It will automatically adjust its heat output based upon ambient conditions and never exceed a specific rated temperature, most commonly 149°F (65°C). Self-regulating cable is grounded for safe worry free operation and a protective outer cover resists moisture and most chemicals for worry free use.

If your application requires maintaining a specific temperature, a controller can be added to the installation. The TSO is an economical option for indoor use. Outdoor installations may use a BH-510, TB250 or TD4X.

Addtional Uses

Self-regulating heating cable can be used on most sliding doors exposed to extreme cold including external vehicle entrances for parking garages, loading docks, maintenance facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.

FREEZER de-icing heating cables

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