Freeze Protection for Pipes

Freeze Protection and Thawing Frozen Pipes

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Pipe heating Tape

Typical Users

  • Facilities Maintenance Personnel
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Managers


Pipe systems designed to transport water and other liquids are often exposed to cold weather. They may be directly exposed to outdoor conditions, or may be in an unheated area of a building. If the ambient conditions are cold enough, the contents of the pipes may freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst. The damage, repair cost, and downtime can be extensive.

Solution, with features and benefits:

Self-regulating heating cable is the perfect solution to protect pipes from freezing. The cable is flexible and has a small ½” diameter for easy installation, and includes an outer thermoplastic shell that resists moisture and caustic elements. It can be run along the pipe for hundreds of feet on a single circuit, and its heat output increases as the ambient temperature decreases for extra protection. It can be loosely applied, can cross over itself, and spiral-wrapped without fear of failure. Self-regulating cable is specifically designed for freeze protection so the temperature never rises to a level that would damage pipes or burn the end-user, and is grounded for safety.To maximize efficiency, the cable is insulated with BriskHeat’s Insul-Lock flexible closed-cell pipe insulation. The insulation is offered in a variety of diameters to fit any pipe diameter up to 4½“, has a closed-cell design suitable for outdoor use, and has a solid “R-value” of 3 to protect even in extreme cold. It is very easy to install and seal using a built-in peel-and-stick strip and flap.

Other accessories that could help with this application:
-Adhesive Aluminum Tape to better protect the system from outdoor and harsh manufacturing conditions
-Thermo-cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet to automatically energize the cable when the temperature drops below 35F and turn-off the cable when temperatures are above 45F