Freeze Protection for Pipes, Residential and Commercial Use

A simple and easy way to protect your property from damage caused by frozen pipes during the cold season

Freeze Protection for Pipes, Residential and Commercial Use


Water pipes are often exposed to cold weather which presents a special set of hazards. If the conditions are cold enough, water in pipes can freeze and expand causing pipes to burst. Unfortunately this commonly results in extensive damage and repair costs in addition to being without a usable water source. Frozen pipes can occur inside homes where water spigots are used and is especially common in outside wells or where water is supplied for irrigation systems and farming. These pipes may be directly exposed to outdoor conditions or in an unheated space with little to no insulation like a crawl space.


SpeedTrace self-regulating heating cable is the perfect solution to protect pipes from freezing. It’s plug-and-play design comes preassembled with a grounded 3-prong plug for easy installation. The cable is flexible enough to fit around pipes and valves and approved for indoor/outdoor use. Self-regulating cable is specifically designed for freeze protection because it automatically adjusts the heat output based upon air conditions and never exceeds 150°F (65°C). It is completely safe for use with all types of pipe, tube, and filtration systems and available in several lengths up to 150ft (45.7m).

For added protection, insulate pipes with BriskHeat’s Insul-Lock®DS foam pipe insulation. The insulation has an R-value of 3 to lock in heat and prevent it from being lost into the air, even in extreme cold conditions. Insul-LockDS easily installs around the pipe and heating cable while the peel-and-stick strip and flap ensure the insulation remains closed and sealed.

For added efficiency, install a ThermoCube® outlet that senses air temperature and automatically turns power on and off when needed. It turns power on when air temperature drops below 35°F (2°C) and off when air temperature exceeds 45°F (7°C). ThermoCube plugs directly into a standard outlet and is capable of operating any 120V electric heater up to 15A. It saves money by using electricity only when the temperatures require the heater to be on.

Additional Uses

Self-regulating heating cable is also used to protect large tanks, and vessels from freezing conditions.

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