Agricultural Trough Heating

A simple and reliable way to ensure outdoor animals stay hydrated


Animal owners such as farmers and ranchers need to make sure their animals have water to drink. Some of these animals spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and have some sort of trough filled with water. Owners need to make sure that the water is accessible to the animals at all times and if the weather is extremely cold during winter months, the water can freeze making it impossible for the animals to drink and stay hydrated.


BriskHeat’s SRL/SRP silicone rubber heating blankets are attached to the under side of the trough. They are easily installed and held in place using the peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Temperature is controlled using a TD101N automatic on/off temperature controller that senses trough temperature. It will automatically turn the system on in cold conditions and off when it’s warm, so there is no need for monitoring. This system ensures that the trough doesn’t get too cold or too hot. Increase thermal efficiency and further protect the heater using Insul-EZ™ closed-cell (weatherproof) foam insulation. This foam insulation comes in 48 in x 48 in (1.2 m x 1.2 m) sheets that can be cut and shaped in the field with a box cutter or knife. They have a peel-and-stick adhesive back for easy installation, an abrasion resistant composite facing for extreme durability, and provide an insulating R-value of 3.

Additional Uses

BriskHeat’s SRL/SRP silicone rubber heating blanket systems can be used on tanks and vessels of all shapes and sizes to protect against cold weather or maintain a desired temperature. The applications are generally not restricted by tank size or shape, industry, or geography. The entire system is weatherproof, does not require maintenance, and is available in voltages up to 277 VAC. Additionally, the system is grounded for safety.

Agricultural heating
Agricultural trough heating

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