Furniture (Adhesive) Curing

Furniture (Adhesive) Curing


silicone rubber heating blankets


Adhesives and resins used in the furniture assembly process often need to be heated in order to cure properly and ensure strength and structural uniformity. While being heated, parts are shaped and formed in a press to give them their unique design and style. Uniform heat across the entire surface is necessary to ensure a proper cure while in a press. This application requires a surface heating product that can easily conform to complex geometries of furniture parts while being able to withstand extreme pressures from a press. It must also be thin and have a smooth surface to avoid transferring unsightly patterns or markings to the furniture parts while in the press.


BriskHeat SR series silicone rubber heating blankets are ideal heaters to cure adhesives and resins for furniture manufacturing. They provide the necessary heat while a temperature controller maintains a specified temperature for the adhesive and/or resin to cure. The heating blanket’s smooth design and extreme flexibility will easily conform to the contours of the furniture mold and be able to withstand the extreme pressures generated by a furniture press. The uniform heat generated by the heating blankets provide a reliable cure for consistent and repeatable manufacturing.

Additional Uses

SR silicone heating blankets can be used for nearly any application that involves the use of uniform heat to cure an adhesive, resin, epoxy, etc.

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