Biodiesel Drum Heating

Biodiesel Drum Heating 

 Lower the production cost of biodiesel with BriskHeat

Biodiesel drum heater heating jacket


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel for use in diesel vehicles, generators, and homes. Biodiesel is typically made from a chemical reaction when vegetable oil, soybean oil, or animal fat is combined with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters. The result is a less expensive and cleaner burning alternative fuel than petroleum diesel.

The oil should be kept at an optimum temperature for the most efficient filtering during production. WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) and SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) tend to thicken-up at room temperature, so refineries and home brewers must reduce the viscosity to flow better during filtration.


BriskHeat drum heaters provide a safe and efficient heating source to increase biodiesel production efficiency. BriskHeat drum heaters are designed to provide a practical and efficient means for viscosity control. Applying heat to the WVO and SVO reduces viscosity of the oil and makes the production process faster, smoother, controllable, and more efficient. BriskHeat drum heaters are a silicone band style heater that wraps around the circumference of a drum or pail creating a uniform heat source. They are available in a variety of sizes from 5 gallon pail to 55 gallon drum and even custom sizes.


For hazardous area locations, BriskHeat offers a DHCX series silicone drum heater that is rated for Class I, Division 2 locations. Configure-to-order tank heaters along with a full line of temperature controllers, heating cable, heating tape, and insulators are also available to meet the needs of many unique applications.

Standard Sizes and Options

 5 Gallon
(19 liter)
15/16 Gallon
(57/61 liter)
30 Gallon
(114 liter)
55 Gallon
(208 liter)
Heavy Duty
Hazardous Area
Full Coverage

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