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A superior way to heat gas lines during solar cell manufacturing

Heat gas lines during solar cell manufacturing - BriskHeat


Photovoltaic solar cells are thin silicon disks that convert sunlight into electricity. These disks act as energy sources for a wide variety of uses including: solar power plants, satellites, telecommunications, rooftop panels for home and office, lighting, pumping, calculators and other small devices, and even for villages in developing countries.

Gases used in the production of solar cells must be transported through the manufacturing process via complex systems of tubes, pipes, valves, etc. These gasses must be kept at an elevated temperature to prevent condensation, which could lead to gas particulate build-up within the system resulting in clogs and unnecessary downtime.


Install BriskHeat custom cloth heating jackets along with a LYNX™ PID module temperature controlling system on all parts requiring elevated temperatures. Custom cloth heating jackets provide the precise heat necessary and are manufactured with built-in insulation for ultimate reliability and efficiency. The heaters are made to the exact dimensions of the tubes, pipes, valves, etc. to ensure the most consistent heat and uniformity possible. The heaters are easily installed and removed for routine maintenance.

The LYNX™ temperature controlling system maintains the required temperature and tolerance needed for each jacket. All heating jackets are individually controlled and connected to form one system to maximize efficiency. The LYNX™ system includes an operator interface that shows each heater’s temperature, set point, etc. to ensure tolerances are met and downtime is minimized.

Additional Uses

Custom cloth jacket systems are also used on gas delivery systems for Semiconductor, LED, and Flat Panel Display facilities.

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