Food Drip Pan Condensation Prevention

Food Drip Pan Condensation Prevention

An easy way to prevent condensation from forming on food preparation drip pans

Food Drip Pan Condensation Prevention - BriskHeat


Food processing companies often use drip pans to collect liquid waste, such as grease or animal by-products, as part of their preparation process. In some instances, the liquid waste may be hotter than the surrounding air temperature, which leads to the formation of condensation on the exterior of the pan. Condensation drippings can lead to contamination, making the product unsafe for distribution.


Install BriskHeat’s SRL flexible silicone heating blankets to the underside of drip pans to establish a constant temperature. When spread out evenly over the entire drip pan surface, the uniform heat provided eliminates temperature variations that lead to condensation. The heaters are easily installed using a built-in peel-and-stick adhesive backing and reinforced with high temperature aluminum adhesive tape for extended service periods. They have a thin profile of approximately 3/16” (5 mm) to remain inconspicuous and save space. They are moisture resistant, chemical resistant, and flexible enough to conform to a variety of shapes making them ideal for use in the food service industry.

Easily program and monitor the heat output of the SRL silicone heaters with a TC4X temperature controller. These controllers are rated NEMA-4X and safe for wash-down environments.

Additional Uses

Any area where condensation forms due to temperature variations, air humidity, and more.