MPC2 Multi-Point Digital PID Temperature Controller - BriskHeat

MPC2 Multi-Point Digital PID Temperature Controller

MPC2 Multi-Point Digital PID Temperature Controller - BriskHeat

Simultaneously control, monitor and display temperatures of several independent heating zones requiring up to 60 Amps!

This new PID Temperature Controller has: 

  • More configuration options:
    • ​Voltage - 15 options from 120 VAC to 600; Single & Three Phase
    • Sensor Inputs - Type-K & RTD, in addition to Type-J
    • Standard Safety - Ground fault, emergency stop, door switch
    • Communication Protocol/Connections - RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet
  • A wider range of amperage capacity
  • More accurate temperature control
  • Easily adjustable setpoint temperatures for faster start-up at power
  • An outdoor/wet-area-rated (at IP65) version 

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Fully-configurable for enclosure type, sensors, number of zones, voltages, alarms, connections, communications, and protection

Advanced auto-tuning PID control

12-step temperature and ramp/soak programming control

Actual and Set-point programmable as °C or °F

Store up to 4 programs for easy repeatability

2 levels of password protection

Large 2-line, 3-color display simultaneously shows PV (actual) and SV (set) temperatures

Alarms as Audible, Dry Contact (remote), or both

Compatible with a broad range of heating blankets, tapes, and cables

Convertible to on/off operation

Maximum cure temperature1: 999° F or 999° C

Operation: Automatic and manual control ability

Input/Output voltages: 120, 208, 220 - 240, 277, 380, 400 – 415, 480, and 575 - 600 (and 3-phase options)

Output overcurrent protection: Up to 60 amps per zone with fuse or circuit breaker protection2

Accuracy: 0.2% of temperature with sampling time of 60 milliseconds 

Sensor input connection options: Mini Type-J or Type-K thermocouples, RTD or hardwire

Available safety options: Ground Fault Interruption, Door mounted disconnect, E-stop

Communications options: RS-485, RS-232 or Ethernet

Environmental exposure:

  • Operating range: 14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C)
  • Storage range: -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
  • Relative humidity: 20 - 85% non-condensing temperatures

CE          c ul us listed

1 Do not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the heater.
2 Self-regulating cable requires use of circuit breakers for Zone Protection

Sometimes customers need their MPC2 to communicate to other devices or systems. Standard communications protocol is Modbus RTU over an RS-485 bus. RS-485 is more of an industry standard and adds less cost than other options. This option will allow for use with a USB connection. RS-232 is one of the oldest communication connections and is limited in distance and speed. The ethernet option uses Modbus TCP and allows for networking a computer using a 6-wire plastic networking connection. In addition to standard receptacles, hardwire options are available.

Maximum Output Current:
All fuses or circuit breakers will be supplied based on the specified zone requirement. For systems where current requirements vary per zone, indicate the maximum requirement. Remember, the maximum should include 20% more protection than the actual zone requirement to allow for surge, if applicable. Example: A 60 AMP maximum current would be used for a 48 AMP zone. This current is PER ZONE. Multiply AMPS per zone by the number of zones for the total current (AMPS) of a single-phase system. If it is a 3-phase system, divide the total by 1.73 to get total current (AMPS).

Zone Protection:
MPC2 panels will have either fuses or circuit breakers to protect all zones. This is the device sized as specified by the output current option. Fuses contain small wires from end to end, encased in glass, plastic, or ceramic material. In an overcurrent or surge situation, the wire burns through and power is cut. The fuse must be replaced to restart the system. A circuit breaker will “trip” and can be manually reset by flipping the switch. Selfregulating heaters require circuit breakers.

Power Disconnect:
Panel doors can be fitted with a handle that will disconnect power to the entire panel when the switch (handle) is turned. The switch can be equipped with a fuse or circuit breaker to protect against surge. Fuses provide a higher Short-Circuit Current Rating (typically 100 kA) required by some customers. Circuit breakers are easier to use in that if a circuit experiences an overload, the circuit breaker can simply be reset. The Short- Circuit Current Rating for a circuit breaker is 5 kA. Customers should know if they have a specification requiring the higher level of protection. There are options for ordering a controller without the surge protection or without the Disconnect on the door.

Heater E-Stop (Emergency-Stop):
This button is located on the door of the MPC2. The E-stop will shut off power to all zones, heaters and control. The panel will still have live power up to the disconnect device. The E-Stop acts as the input breaker using a shunt trip or a power contactor just after the input field wiring terminations.

Ground Fault Energy Protection:
The customer has the option of protecting the whole system or each zone individually. If the GFEP is on the inlet (option I), this would eliminate power to all zones. One per zone (option Z) would eliminate power to individual zone devices (heaters) while retaining power to the other zone controllers.

Sensor Connections:
The MPC2 offers the choice of three different temperature measuring instruments which can be hardwired or plugged with mini-connectors.

Zone Controller Power Switch:
This option allows for removing power from all zone controllers at the same time by means of a pushbutton or to individual controllers by means of a rocker switch. The rocker switch removes power from the individual temperature controllers, but power will still be present in the control panel.

The standard enclosure currently used is C-Mild Steel. The FRP with swing panel is a fiberglass panel equipped with a clear door that allows for access to the control modules without opening the main panel door. The FRP option is rated for Nema 4X use. Additionally, a 304 stainless steel enclosure is available.

Provides PID temperature control to cloth and silicone heating blankets, heating cable and tape, drum heaters, and heating jackets for applications such as:

  • Research laboratory experiments
  • Industrial heating and drying
  • Freeze protection
  • Condensation prevention
  • Viscosity control
  • Food production

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