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What is FabRoc™ Heating Technology?

What is FabRoc™ Heating Technology?

BriskHeat® FabRoc™ is an extremely durable moisture-resistant low-voltage compatible smart heating element. This new heat technology is a unique blend of carbon-filled polymer formulation that provides an ultra-thin, ultra-flexible, uniform heat distribution that is used in a variety of applications. FabRoc™ is ideal for heating everything from cold or frozen pipes to heated seating. With the help of BriskHeat engineering, FabRoc™ can be the perfect solution for your unique heating needs.

FabRoc™ Heating Applications

BriskHeat FabRoc Heating Technology
  • Freeze Protection
  • Pipe Heaters
  • Totes / IBC Warming
  • Tank Heating
  • Gas Cylinder Warming
  • Heated Seating
  • Concrete Curing Blankets
  • Heated Food Service items
  • Ground Thawing Blankets
  • Adhesive Warming
  • Mattress Heating
  • Veterinary Animal Warming
  • Transportation
  • OEM Applications
  • And Much More..

How FabRoc™ Works

FabRoc™ is a unique blend of carbon-filled polymer material that produces extremely efficient heat as electric current passes through it. This amazing ultra thin heat technology that is composed of uniquely blended carbon filled polymer formulation. FabRoc™ produces heat very efficiently when electric current passes through it. As the temperature of FabRoc™ rises, the current drawn is reduced, therefore the power consumption and heat generated can be controlled more efficiently

FabRoc™ heater construction consists of 4 basic elements:

  1. Outer Material - Provides Environmental Protection for the Heater
  2. Insulation - Increases Thermal Efficiency
  3. FabRoc™ Heating Element - Transfers Electrical Current into Heat Energy
  4. Inner Material - Transfers Thermal Energy to the Object Being Heated

BriskHeat FabRoc Heater Construction

FabRoc™ Heating Technology Highlights

BriskHeat Fabroc Heating Element
  • Low-voltage capability as low as 1V DC (AA Battery)
  • Safe for outdoor heating applications
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Exceptionally durable heating element is flexible, stretchable, tear, crush and impact resistant
  • Configurable for custom applications
  • Waterproof, Crushproof, Stretchable and virtually indestructible
  • Cut-out geometries to form unique shaped heaters
  • Lightweight ultra-thin profile is ideal for low-profile high performance heating
  • Heat up to 450°F (232°C)
  • Powered by AC or DC power source
  • Energy efficient element

FabRoc™ Specifications

  • FabRoc™ can energized by a variety of power sources including: AC, DC, battery packs, 12V accessory outlets, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, etc.
  • Voltage: 1V to 240V (engineered to your specifications)
  • Bend radius: 1/16” (1.6mm)
  • Moisture, chemical and UV resistant
  • Ultra-thin profile: 0.03” (0.8mm)
  • Specific gravity (Density): 1.19g/cm³
  • Hardness SHORE (A): 76
  • Tensile strength: 5 Mpa
  • Elongation: up to 200%
  • Flame resistant heating element: UL94 V1 rating
  • Operating temperature range: -58°F to 450°F (-50°C to 232°C)