VAC Aero - Vacuum Heating and Insulation parts - BriskHeat

VAC Aero - Vacuum Heating and Insulation parts

covered with BriskHeat Custom Cloth Heating Jacket and LYNX™ - BriskHeat
  • VAH Horizontal Front-loading Furnace
  • VAV Vertical Bottom-loading Furnaces
  • Top-loading Vacuum Tube Annealing Furnace
  • Pit-style Tube Annealing Furnace
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High Vacuum Custom Cloth

  • FX High Flexible Hoses
  • BFX Braided Flexible HosesKF Hydroformed Bellows
  • ISO Flexible Hoses
  • AluVaC UHV/XHV Cylindrical Chamber
  • AluVaC Straight connectors
  • AluVaC Cubes
  • ZKH 2-way Ball Valves
  • DKH 3-way Ball Valves
  • AVM Manual Angle Valve
  • AVP Pneumatic Angle Valve
  • DVM Diaphram Valve
  • BVM Butterfly Valve
  • LVM UHV Gas Dosing Valve
  • VVM Vent Valve
  • GVM Gate Valve

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