UL Splice Connection Kit (SLCBLSK) - BriskHeat

UL Splice Connection Kit (SLCBLSK)

Splice Connection Kit (SLCBLSK) - BriskHeat
SLCBL Series Splice & Tee Connection Kit
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  • Provides splice connection/termination for SLCBL self-regulating heating cable.
  • Enough to complete one inline splice connection and one end seal termination, or one tee splice connection and one end seal termination.
  • For use in ordinary locations with SLCBL cable only (UL approved).
  • For use in roof & gutter snow melting & de-icing applications with SLCBL cable only (UL approved).
    • Ordinary Locations
Kit Contents
  • 1 Clamp tie
  • 3 Cable ties
  • 1 Cloth tape
  • 5 Mastic strips
  • 2 Heat-shrink caps
  • 1 Black heat-shrink tube 1”x 8”(25mm x 20cm)
  • 3 Black heat-shrink tubes 1/2”x 1”(13mm x 25mm)
  • 6 Black heat-shrink tubes 1/8”x 1”(3mm x 25mm)
  • 1 Heat-shrink tube
  • 2 Crimp-on insulated terminals
  • 1 Crimp-on non-insulated barrel
  • 1 End seal 

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