RH Plastic Bending Strip Heaters - BriskHeat

RH Plastic Bending Strip Heaters

RH Plastic Bending Strip Heaters - BriskHeat

BriskHeat RH Plastic Bending Strip Heaters produce a radiant line of heat for controlled bending to quickly soften acrylic sheets providing easy bending.

Ideal for bending plastic to make plastic photo frames, arts and crafts, custom fabricating, and more.

  • Quickly softens acrylic sheets for easy bending.
  • Produces a radiant line of heat for controlled bending.
  • Easy to use, designed for production and craft makers.
  • Heater never comes into contact with plastic material.
  • Multi-stranded resistance wire heating element provides exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Temperature controller or close supervision is required for safe operation of this product.
  • Built-in split-plug design easily connects to your choice of temperature controlling device or power source.
  • Includes heating element and instructions for building complete strip heater. Other materials are required.

Plastic Bending Strip Heaters To Learn More about How to use Plastic Bending Strip Heaters Click Here

  • Maximum exposure temperature: 900°F (482°C)
  • Construction:
    • Fiberglass knit and braided heating element
  • Power density: 8.6 W/in2 (0.013 W/mm2 )
  • Voltage: 110VAC
  • 24" (610mm) power leads with standard 2-prong (NEMA 1-15) separable split-plug type electrical plug for power connection


Available Options: RH Plastic Bending Strip Heaters

QuantityPriceUOMPart NumberVoltageLengthWattage
RH241202 ft (0.6 m)105
RH361203 ft (0.9 m)157
RH481204 ft (1.2 m)209
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.


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