Radome Composite Curing Heating Blankets (Boeing / Airbus) - BriskHeat

Radome Composite Curing Heating Blankets

Radome Composite Curing Heating Blankets - BriskHeat

BriskHeat Radome Composite Curing Blankets are ideal for wet layup and prepreg composite repairs of radomes; the Perfect three-dimensional fit around your radome.

  • Excellent heat uniformity
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to vacuum bag
  • Exceptional durability

Includes power plug that is compatible with BriskHeat ACR 3 and MiniPRO™ Hot Bonders (NEMA L15-30). Other plug choices are available upon request.

Radome Part Ordering Information; available to select below
Part NumberAircraftZonesTotal Watts
BHC162012CBoeing 707, 727, 7372Zone 1: 1750
Zone 2: 1795
BHC162013CBoeing 7471Zone 1: 3380
BHC162007CBoeing 7572Zone 1: 1515
Zone 2: 1515
BHC162009CBoeing 7672Zone 1: 1630
Zone 2: 1744
BHC162011CBoeing 777NANA
BHC162014CAirbus A300, A310, A3302Zone 1: 1513
Zone 2: 1638
BHC162010CAirbus A3202Zone 1: 1630
Zone 2: 1744

We can design a heater specifically for your application and aircraft: Other sizes, shapes, watt-densities, power plugs, built-in thermocouples, and more options are available.

  • Multi-stranded heating element is uniformly placed to maximize heat distribution
  • Maximum exposure temperature: 450°F (232°C)
  • Moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant
  • Dielectric strength: Over 2,000 volts
  • 240VAC
  • Power cord is 6 feet (1.8m) long with a standard ACR 3 and MiniPRO™ Hot Bonder compatible plug (NEMA L15-30). Other plug choices are available upon request
  • Temperature controller required

Available Options: Radome Composite Curing Heating Blankets

QuantityPriceUOMPart NumberTypeWattage

Regular Price: $2,575.00

Special Price $2,317.50

BHC162007CBoeing 7573030

Regular Price: $2,575.00

Special Price $2,317.50

BHC162009CBoeing 7673374

Regular Price: $2,575.00

Special Price $2,317.50

BHC162010CAirbus A3203374

Regular Price: $2,495.00

Special Price $2,245.50

BHC162011CBoeing 777Call

Regular Price: $2,575.00

Special Price $2,317.50

BHC162012CBoeing 707, 727, 7373700

Regular Price: $2,535.00

Special Price $2,281.50

BHC162013CBoeing 7473380

Regular Price: $2,575.00

Special Price $2,317.50

BHC162014CAirbus A300, A310, A3303151
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.

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