Drum Heater / Barrel Heater & Insulators

Drum & Bucket Heaters by BriskHeat®

Adhesives, Honey, LubricantsBriskHeat Drum Heaters (Barrel Heaters) and Bucket Heaters (Pail Heaters) provide practical, efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control and temperature maintenance of materials.

A variety of standard sizes and configure-to-order designs are available to meet a variety of applications for your Drum Heater, Bucket Warmer, and Heater Jacket needs:


The BriskHeat® Difference

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Large heater coverage and high wattages
  • Exclusive FM approved hazardous-area silicone rubber drum heater
  • 360° grounded heating element
  • Easy adjustable temperature control
  • Full coverage drum heaters feature an easy-to-use digital temperature controller with audible/visual alarm
  • Full coverage drum heaters and insulators maximize heat efficiency
  • Variety of standard sizes and configure-to-order options

Drum Heating Applications

  • Viscosity control
  • Freeze protection
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Heat Biofuel / Biodiesel
  • Melting of solids
  • Heat-up drum contents to a required temperature
  • Thermal mixing
  • 55 gallon drum heater
  • 5 gallon bucket water heating