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BriskHeat Adds Evapoway™ PTC Condensate Evaporator Pans

March 26, 2020 10:03:47 AM EDT by BriskHeat

New PTC pans ideal for eliminating water condensate in low flash-point refrigerant applications

BriskHeat announced it has added  Evapoway™ PTC Condensate Evaporative Pans to its offerings. The pans are uniquely constructed to provide a solution to evaporate defrost and condensate water where no drain line is available.

ptc evapoway

Ideal for applications including commercial refrigeration, industrial units, elevators and HVAC units, the pans feature:

  • No electro-mechanical components
  • Reduced potential field failures
  • Suitable for low flashpoint refrigerants
  • Space-saving, low-profile design

“The  Evapoway™ PTC Condensate Evaporative Pans provide an option for our customers who need a solution for continuous evaporation that automatically regulates the wattage based on water level and temperature,” said Craig Wilson, VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications, BriskHeat. “The pans feature a simplified, space-saving design and are UL recognized in the U.S. and Canada.”

All Evapoway™ units with a PTC (positive thermal coefficient) heating element are suitable for low flashpoint refrigerants and have successfully passed rigorous testing. They’re manufactured in a variety of pan sizes and heater wattages to suit a wide range of applications. The PTC heater eliminates the need for electro-mechanical controls, control boxes and level sensors.

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