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New BriskHeat Website Helps Customers Find the Best Heating Solutions

November 9, 2016 11:01:51 AM EST by BriskHeat Corporation

New BriskHeat Website Helps Customers Find the Best Heating Solutions

New web site with improved shopping experience, more useful information, and responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Columbus, OH, November 9, 2016 – BriskHeat, a leading manufacturer of flexible surface heating solutions, temperature controllers, and insulators, announced the launch of its new redesigned website:   The new web site welcomes visitors with a clean new layout, enhanced content, and improved shopping cart experience.

“For over 67 years, customers have come to us to solve a wide range of heating applications.  As a result, we now have thousands of solutions available for purchase on our web site.” said Craig Wilson, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications. “Our new web site makes it easy to find the ideal solution and provide a much improved shopping experience.”

The new website, complete with a sleek, modern design, is now mobile friendly on all devices, features a new shopping cart with enhanced functionality, is international-friendly, and has over 60 new heating application notes and industry pages available at the touch of a button.  With this improved functionality, users can quickly access information and purchase heating solutions with ease.

 For more information and to view the new website, visit

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BriskHeat Corporation is a global manufacturer of electrical surface heaters, insulators, and temperature controls. Since 1949, BriskHeat has provided flexible heating solutions to many industries for freeze protection, condensation prevention, flow / viscosity control, vacuum bake-out, composite curing, and temperature process control applications. BriskHeat has a worldwide sales network including corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, USA, sales offices in Taiwan, China, Germany, and France, as well as a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. For more information, visit