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Heard of Manufacturing Day? It's Here!

October 4, 2018 8:42:02 AM EDT by BriskHeat

In its 6th year, Manufacturing Day gives companies a chance to open their doors to students, their teachers, other companies and even potential employees about how manufacturing isn't this deep, dark dirty secret. 

On Friday, October 5th, manufacturers across the country are inviting people into their facilities to dispel those myths and rumors. Tours are given to show people what happens within their walls. 

Check out a great article from Industry Today on this event! 

Here are some key takeaways that we really liked: 

National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) data reveal that 84 percent of respondents have a better view of manufacturing leaving a facility than they had going in during a Manufacturing Day event, and last year, a record 300,000 students, parents and teachers gained insight into modern-day manufacturing. “A key driver for us is to open the door and show people what goes on in a facility,” notes Carolyn Lee, Executive Director of the NAM’s Manufacturing Institute. 

And we love some good stats on the subject! 

Manufacturing Day, according to a survey from DeLoitte, has resulted in the following for participating students:

  • 89% are more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities
  • 84% are more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding
  • 64% are more motivated to pursue careers in manufacturing
  • 71% are more likely to tell friends, family, parents, or colleagues, about manufacturing after attending an event.

Check out the article when you get a chance. And check out the official Manufacturing Day website for more detaiils!