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BriskHeat Releases New Contractor’s Warming Case

September 22, 2016 3:50:00 PM EDT by BriskHeat Corporation

contractors warming case COLUMBUS, OH; September 13, 2016 – BriskHeat has introduced an extremely versatile and portable Contractor’s Warming case for warming caulk, adhesives, epoxies, spray foam, paint, tape and other temperature sensitive items. The Contractor’s Warming Case is the ideal solution for keeping temperature sensitive items warm while working in cold environments.

 “When caulking, epoxy,and like materials become too cold, extracting them from their tubes becomes extremely difficult.” said BriskHeat’s Tony Multon, Vice President of Engineered Solutions. “Our Contractor’s Warming Case is a simple and easy way to keep such items at their ideal temperature in the field; making remote or outdoor projects that require these materials easy and efficient to complete.”

BriskHeat’s new Contractor’s Warming Case is manufactured using Fabroc™ Heating Technology protected by a PVC-coated nylon exterior. The case is moisture and chemical resistant, lightweight, and holds up to 6 large 28oz (828ml) cartridge tubes. With a plug-and-play design and built-in thermostat that maintains a temperature of 86°F (30°C), the extremely durable and crush resistant Contractor’s Warming Case is the perfect solution for on-site use in all environments.

The Contractor’s Warming Case is also developed to double as an on-site warming pad. When opened and laid flat, the Contractor’s Warming Case becomes an 18” x 28” (457mm x 711mm) warming pad that can be used to keep tools, temperature sensitive materials, and other items warm when working in cold environments.  

“Using our Fabroc™ heating element was a huge factor in the development of the Contractor’s Warming Case. The Fabroc™ heating element is extremely flexible and crush-proof which allowed us to design the [Contractor’s] Warming Case to be broken down into a flat surface heating pad.” Multon continued. “This is something our other container heaters were not designed to do.”

BriskHeat’s standard sized Contractor’s Warming Case is available in both 12-V DC for use with automotive 12V accessory outlets and120-V AC for standard wall outlets and extension cords. Visit us here for ordering information. For custom sizes,voltages and design layouts, contact BriskHeat by phone at 1-800-848-7673 or by e-mail at

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