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BriskHeat Adds Evapoway® Evaporator Pans to Its Product Offerings

September 17, 2018 1:02:39 PM EDT by BriskHeat

BriskHeat Adds Evapoway® Evaporator Pans to Its Product Offerings

Anti-condensate evaporator pans provide a solution when no drain is available

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 17, 2018 – BriskHeat, a leading provider of flexible heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions, announced the addition of Evapoway anti-condensate evaporator pans to its product lineup. These evaporator pans help companies in commercial refrigeration, HVAC, elevator and other industries with the evaporation of frost and condensate where no drain is available or practical.

“As leaders in the heating product industry, it’s a natural fit for BriskHeat to carry the line of condensate evaporators from Evapoway,” said Patrick Doyle, Vice President of Business Development. “Condensation can be a serious issue for our customers, and we want to be able to provide tools they need to get their work done.”

The Evapoway electric condensate evaporators have successfully passed rigorous testing and are UL recognized in the USA and Canada. They are made from corrosion-resistant 22-gauge stainless steel and are manufactured in multiple sizes, wattage options, and dissipation rates.

With a large variety of features and benefits, the evaporators provide companies with multiple configurations to meet their systems’ exact requirements.

“There’s one for nearly any application. You can remove as little one gallon all the way up to 24 gallons of condensation a day,” added Doyle. “Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.”

To see your options, visit our Anti-Condensate Evaporator Pan shop or call 888-501-7491!

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