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Speaking at AeroDef 2019

March 18, 2019 2:12:03 PM EDT by Brisk heat

Edye Buchanan CMfgTEdye Buchanan is Speaking at AeroDef 2019!

I will be presenting Vacuum Table Use for Heating and Debulking of Composite Materials in Production and Repair on Tuesday, April 30,2019 at 3:30 PM.

I am also offering you a free show floor pass - as my guest!


Here is what I'll be presenting:

This presentation will compare the use of a VT Vacuum Curing / Debulking Table with built-in heat and a silicone vacuum membrane, to conventional composite lay-ups using vacuum film, blankets and hot bonder, a platen press or autoclave. The silicone membrane seals more easily, is more durable than film, and its elasticity conforms to complex surfaces without wrinkles. When used in a quick turn-around production setting, the amount of consumable materials is greatly reduced, and backlogs of parts waiting to be loaded into an autoclave is eliminated. Throughput is increased and cost per part reduced over the lifespan of the equipment. Vacuum table use can provide a shorter ROI and more consistent cures than other processes in some applications. Market sectors range from defense and military to ultra-light weight sporting goods. A video included in the presentation demonstrates basic operation and production use of the BriskHeat Vacuum Table.

Are you interested in learning more about BriskHeat or SME?

Join me for a Networking Reception at the SME Zone on Wednesday, May 1 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. There, you can also learn more about SME and how you can engage with other professionals in the fields of Composites, Coatings, Additive Technologies, Smart Manufacturing and more.

What You'll Experience at AeroDef 2019



Top-tier education you won’t find anywhere else. AeroDef education programs offer diverse technical sessions to choose from with a unique opportunity for aerospace manufacturers to meet face-to-face with engineers, product designers, and managers to find innovative solutions to their most difficult manufacturing challenges.


Technology Exhibits

Brochures only give you the basics. Videos only tell part of the story. The best way to learn about any new product is to see it in person. AeroDef 2019 will showcase the technologies leading aerospace and defense manufacturing — including the Aerofied Preferred Supplier Pavilion — all in one location.


Networking Receptions

AeroDef networking receptions keep the interaction going and continue the day’s conversations in a relaxed environment. Enjoy the opportunity to network with colleagues, meet new people, talk about pressing issues, share ideas and solutions while creating lasting connections.


The Deck

At the center of it all at AeroDef is The Deck — it’s where the complimentary keynote presentations and panel discussions take place. It also functions as a central meeting place where OEMs, contract suppliers, executives, managers, directors, business owners and attendees network with each other and hold one-on-one meetings.


  1. Experience you can trust. AeroDef is produced in partnership with industry OEMs and leading suppliers.
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  4. Tailor your learning experience. With more than 120 technical sessions, workshops, local facility tours, and complimentary education, you're sure to find what you need.
  5. Gain expert knowledge. AeroDef serves-up more than 130 industry leaders eager to share proven strategies and tactics.