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New Refrigerant Jug Warmer, HotBelt™ by BriskHeat

January 27, 2017 3:35:49 PM EST by BriskHeat Corporation

BriskHeat has introduced the new HotBelt refrigerant jug warmer, the first BriskHeat product designed specifically for HCAVR professionals. The HotBelt provides increased efficiency by speeding up service times and reducing wasted refrigerant materials. Its versatile design is safe for use with all refrigerants including R-410A, R-407C, R134a, R-22, and more.

It is essential to ensure an adequate cylinder pressure is provided when service air conditioning, refrigeration, freezer systems, and more. The colder the cylinder is, the lower the cylinder pressure will be. The HotBelt warmer is designed to quickly elevate and maintain surface temperature at approximately 120°F (49°C). As a result, the refrigerant within the cylinder is warmed to a safe and optimal temperature for servicing.

“Commercial refrigeration and freezer systems require servicing year-round. Often refrigerant jugs are stored in service vehicles and the system being serviced is located outdoors, where they are exposed to the extreme cold winter conditions” Product Manager, Jon Neylon explains. “The BriskHeat HotBelt is the ideal solution for pre-heating and keeping refrigerant jugs warm while servicing HVACR systems on site”.

The BriskHeat HotBelt features a versatile design with an adjustable strap to fit nearly any size refrigerant jug and is available in 120V, 230V, and 240V models.

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