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BriskHeat Introduces New Silver-Series Cloth Insulators

April 4, 2018 7:03:11 AM EDT by BriskHeat Corporation

Today, BriskHeat, a leading provider of flexible heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions, announced its new line of Silver-Series Cloth Insulators. Silver-Series Insulators are a configurable system of cloth insulators that feature durable high-temperature cloth, 1”-thick needle-punched fiberglass insulation, and hook and loop closures for easy installation and removal.

Designed for use in a wide variety of industries including petrochemical, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, plastics and many others. Silver-Series insulators are available for straight pipes, valves, elbows, “T”-connections, flanges, and custom shapes and sizes.

“The new Silver Series Cloth Insulators from BriskHeat differ from what’s currently on the market due to their high quality, low price, and versatility,” said Patrick Doyle, Vice President of Business Development, BriskHeat. “The insulators can be used in a wide range of applications and industries and custom shapes and sizes can be designed to fit nearly any insulating need.”

Examples of how the insulators might be used include wrapping pipes, tanks, vessels or steam lines to maximize thermal efficiency. The insulators save energy and improve employee safety by protecting users from burns.

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