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Heating Cords (HTC)

Heating Cords (HTC) - Flexible Heating Cords  - BriskHeat

HTC Heating Cords are Extremely flexible heating cord used to provide accurate heat when you need it; Can be wrapped around objects as small as 1/8" (3mm) diameter to heat small tubes or other applications where space is limited.

  • Heating cords designed for use on small tubes, vessels, or any application where space is limited.
  • Extremely flexible heating cords can be wrapped around objects as small as 1/8" (3mm) diameter.
  • Rapid thermal response provides accurate heat when you need it.
  • Multi-stranded resistance wire heating element provides exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Fiberglass outer sheath provides electrical insulation for safe use with electrically conductive surfaces.
  • Available in a wide variety of length and width configurations.
  • Ideal for laboratory, R&D, gas tubing, production, maintenance, temporary heat, and more.
  • Safe for use with glass and electrically conductive metal surfaces.
  • Choice of power leads on same end or opposite ends to suit your electrical needs.
  • Includes 9" (230mm) long high temperature tie downs for safe and easy installation.
  • Temperature controller is required for safe operation of this product.
  • Built-in split-plug design easily connects to your choice of temperature controlling device.

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  • Maximum exposure temperature: 900°F (482°C)
  • Diameter: 3/16” (4.8mm)
  • Construction:
    • HTC series: Double braided fiberglass outer sheath
    • HWC series: Double braided high temperature Samox® fiberglass outer sheath
  • Power density:
    • HTC series: 21 watts/ft (68 watts/m)
    • HWC series: 60 watts/ft (196 watts/m)
  • 24" (610mm) power leads with:
    • 120VAC: Separable 2-prong split-plug (NEMA 1-15)
    • 240VAC: Crimped ferrule wire connection
  • Suitable for electrically conductive surfaces
  • 2 to 6ft (0.6 to 1.8m) long power leads with
    • 120VAC: separable molded plug
    • 240VAC: bare wire connection
  • Includes high-temperature tie-downs for easy installation

This product requires a temperature controller for safe operation

Click Here to find a temperature controller or Click Here to contact the factory direct for assistance

Available Options: Heating Cords (HTC)

QuantityPriceUOMPart NumberVoltageLengthWattage
HTC4510011203 ft (0.9 m)64
HTC4510021206 ft (1.8 m)125
HTC45100312012 ft (3.7 m)260
HTC4510051202 ft (0.6 m)43
HTC4510061201 ft (0.3 m)22
HTC4510071200.5 ft (0.15 m)17
HTC4510081204 ft (1.2 m)82
HTC4510091208 ft (2.4 m)170
HTC4520022406 ft (1.8 m)135
HTC45200324012 ft (3.7 m)260
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.


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