GCW/HCW Base Insulated Pad - BriskHeat

GCW/HCW Base Insulated Pad

GCW/HCW Base Insulated Pad - BriskHeat

The BriskHeat Cylinder Base Insulated Pad comes in 3 sizes to fit your needs:

  • 12” (305mm) Pad for 8” (203mm) Cylinder

  • 15” (381mm) Pad for 9” (229mm) Cylinder

  • 18” (457mm) Pad for 15” (381mm) Cylinder

Available Options: GCW/HCW Base Insulated Pad

QuantityPriceUOMPart NumberSize
GCW12B15" (381 mm) for 9" (229 mm) Cylinder
GCW15B15" (381 mm) for 9" (229 mm) Cylinder
GCW18B18" (457 mm) for 15" (381 mm) Cylinder
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.

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