Power Generation Products & Applications

Power Generation

Condensation is a concern for Power Generation companies, specifically waste-to-energy and coal-burning, that use hopper systems to capture fly-ash during the burn process. The hoppers must be heated to prevent condensation, which disrupts the process. BriskHeat offers a full line of both metal-clad and silicone rubber heaters which will both solve the condensation issue and meet all regulatory requirements. Additionally, there are often freeze protection issues which vary by facility, requiring self-regulating heating cable or silicone rubber heating blankets.


Fly Ash Hopper Heating for Power Generation

Power plants that use waste-to-energy and coal-burning to generate electricity create a by-product called “fly ash”.  Fly ash is a collection of fine particles that are produced from the combustion process.  

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Wind Power Turbine Blade Repair

Wind power turbine blades are made out of composite materials. Composite blades develop cracks and holes on the surface that need to be repaired.

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Gas Line Heating for Solar Cell Production

Photovoltaic solar cells are thin silicon disks that convert sunlight into electricity. These disks act as energy sources for a wide variety of uses including: solar power plants, satellites, telecommunications, rooftop panels for home and office, lighting, pumping, calculators and other small devices, and even for villages in developing countries.

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Freeze Protection for Control Panels

Electronic components inside control panels and monitoring devices need protected from cold temperatures. Control panels are often located outdoors and if exposed to sub freezing temperatures, components could fail to operate properly and potentially become permanently damaged.

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