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ACR - 3 Free Calibrations

Now through the end of March 2019, buy an ACR® Hot Bonder and receive 3 annual calibrations for FREE (a savings of up to $2,250).

Calibrations can be performed at any of our Global Network of Service Centers.

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Easiest-to-Use Hot Bonder Under 18 lbs (8 kg)

  • Fully-Loaded
  • HD Color Touch Screen
  • USB Data Port 

 Perform Composite Repairs Anywhere

  • Small and lightweight: weighs less than 18 lbs (8 kg)
  • Easy-to-carry and set-up: even up towers, ladders, staircases, and on wings


  • Quick and intuitive touch screen menu navigation
  • Easy 3-step programming
  • Simple data transfer with USB drive
  • Virtually no training required

 Excellent Value: Fully-loaded and Upgradeable

  • Eye-catching full-color HD touch screen
  • Includes 10 J-type thermocouple sensors
  • Full 20 amp capacity (30 amps optional)
  • Program cures with up to three soaks
  • Powerful vacuum venturi pump (requires compressed air)
  • FREE software upgrades 


  • Single zone
  • 8.4" (213mm) touch-screen with easy-to-use interface
  • USB port for data transfer (USB flash disk included)
  • Input ground fault interrupter breaker protected
  • Audible and visual alarms for high and low temperature / vacuum limits
  • Data logs digitally
  • Compact size of 16.44”L x 13.13”W x 6.81”D (41.75cm x 33.34cm x 17.30cm)
  • Weighs less than 18 lbs (8 kg)

Temperature Control

  • Cure up to 1400oF (760oC)
  • 10 J-type thermocouple sensor inputs
  • Accuracy: ±3°F (1.67°C)
  • Monitors all thermocouples for alarms
  • Data logs digitally: records real-time status of cure including program parameters


  • Quick 3-step programming: Stores up to 30 programs on hot bonder
  • Easy-to-follow menu choices
  • Program cures with up to three soaks
  • Quick and easy data entry: Uses simple drop-down menus and a familiar QWERTY keyboard interface
  • Secure: Multiple levels of password protection
  • Upgradeable
  • Multi-task: Perform several operations at once
  • Retains history of last 12 cures
  • Customized post cure analysis: Data logging intervals 1 to 99 minutes
  • Multiple language support: English, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin)


  • Input Voltage: 100-130VAC, 200-240VAC
  • Input ground fault interrupter breaker protected
  • MAINS supply voltage fluctuations up to ±10% of the nominal voltage
  • Transient over voltages typically found on a Category II power source: i.e. a lighting circuit
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • 20 amp capacity (30 amp optional)
  • Output cord receptacle: NEMA L15-30R 


  • Vacuum venturi (requires compressed air)
  • Pressure: Up to 28in Hg (13.8PSI)
  • Ability to manually adjust pressure


  • Intended for use in dry environments. Do not expose to spray.
  • Altitude up to 6562ft (2000m)
  • Storage temperature range: -4 to 140oF (-20 to 60oC)
  • Operating temperature range: 41 to 104oF (5 to 40oC)
  • Maximum relative humidity: 80% for temperatures up to 88oF (31oC) decreasing linearly to 50% relative to humidity at 104oF (40oC)
  • Pollution degree 2 (normally only non-conductive pollution occurs, however a temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected)

Part Number: ACR-3-MINI


  • One ACR MiniPRO hot bonder unit
  • One 10ft (3m) vacuum hose
  • One vacuum bag feed-through
  • One 10ft (3m) input power cord
  • One 5ft (1.5m) heater output power cord
  • One USB flash disk
  • 10 J-type thermocouples
  • 10 Standard connector adapters for thermocouple receptacles


  • Aircraft repair
  • Challenging field repair
  • Wind turbine blade repair - even up-tower
  • A wide variety of industries and uses: sporting goods, automotive, marine, recreational vehicles, racing and more

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