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Silicone Rubber Barrel Heaters from BriskHeatBarrel Heaters for Freeze Protection

Our standard and heavy-duty drum and barrel heating solutions provide practical and efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control and temperature maintenance for your materials.

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We carry a variety of sizes (from heating smaller gas cylinders to the big oil barrels), available to order now on our site, as well as the availability of configure-to-order designs to meet your special application requirements.

If you'd like to talk to one of our barrel heating experts, please call us at 888-412-0122!

Standard and Heavy-Duty Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters:

  • Grounded heating element
  • Easy-to-use built-in adjustable thermostat control
  • Extra-wide 4" (102mm) wide heater coverage
  • Excellent for a wide range of poly and metal drum heating
  • Can be used on metal and plastic drums
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Durable reinforced silicone rubber provides excellent strength and flexibility for long service life




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