High temperature heating for melting plastic pellets

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Common plastic products created through injection molding include toys, packaging, consumer items, furniture, containers, machine parts, tools, and much more. To create these plastic products, manufacturers begin the process with plastic granules or pellets. The pellets are fed through a hopper and into a barrel or chamber where they are melted and directed by a screw-conveyer to the individual molds. The melting process must be fast and powerful to ensure production efficiency. Temperatures required to melt plastic can be at or above 500°F (260°C), and the heaters used must be able to survive contact with molten plastic if leaks occur. If the temperatures are not maintained across the entire surface, the process loses efficiency which could lead to costly downtime.


BriskHeat’s mica band heaters wrap firmly around the barrel to provide the necessary heat to efficiently melt the pellets. They are designed to the exact dimensions of the barrel to ensure maximum heat transfer and extended heater life. They can generate up to 40 W/in² (6 W/cm²) and reach temperatures up to 850°F (454°C). They are moisture and corrosion resistant, have a low-profile 0.125 in (3 mm) designs, and are constructed with evenly-wound nickel/chromium resistance wire for uniform heat distribution. Additionally, they can be manufactured to UL standard UL499 and CE compliance.

For industrial applications where monitoring temperature is a critical need, the TTD controller is an easy-to-use controller that offers a digital display for easy programming and visual temperature identification. Larger heaters with amp ratings greater than 12 Amps, should use a TC4000 Series controller with ratings up to 50 amps.

Other Applications

This application is very similar to plastic extrusion, where long, pre-shaped plastic products are created. Additionally, BriskHeat Band Heaters are used in applications found in die casting, blow molding, tank & drum heating, pulp & paper processing equipment, food & candy extruders, vending machines, and analytical instrumentation.