Plastic Bending and Forming

Plastic Bending and Forming

Plastic Bending and Forming

An easy effective way to bend acrylic plastics for home makers, inventors, and professional use




Plastic bending is common for makers, sign makers, inventors, display manufacturers, fixture manufacturers, and more. These users often need to make custom bends in sheet acrylic products. One of the most useful properties of acrylic is its thermo-formability. As it becomes warm it softens and can be bent or formed into any shape imaginable. The typical forming temperature range of most acrylic sheet plastics is 275°F to 350°F (135°C to 177°C). A consistent and controlled heat source is necessary so that the bends are smooth and the finished parts are aesthetically pleasing.


BriskHeat RH plastic bending strip heaters are a flexible strip heater that provides a fast, easy, and cost effective way to bend, shape, or form acrylic and other thermoplastic sheet products. Using a BriskHeat bending strip heater as a heating element you can quickly build a plastic line bending tool for safe, reliable, and efficient bends.

BriskHeat’s high temperature heating tape distributes heat uniformly throughout the tape to apply a consistent, controlled heat to the bend area without affecting the surrounding area. This provides a clean, uniform bend without hot-spots that can damage acrylics. The heating element is incredibly flexible and can be configured for straight or complex geometries for making custom bends. In addition, they include a cord and plug for a connection to an electrical outlet or temperature controlling device.

Optional Accessories

  • TP0 - Time percentage control varies the proportion (length) of time the heater is in the “on” or “off” heating mode. 
  • SDC - Digital and programmable temperature control of specific heat output in F° or C°. 
  • AAT2180 - High temperature aluminum adhesive tape. 


  •  Home & Hobby
  •  Custom Fabrication 
  •  Fixture Manufacturing 
  •  Sign Making 
  •  Tradeshow Display 
  •  Promotions & Marketing 
  •  Universities & Education 
  •  Inventing & Prototyping 

Types of Users

  •  Makers
  •  Business/Shop Owners 
  •  Shop Managers 
  •  Inventors 
  •  Engineers 
  •  Students 

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