For high-standard and space-constraint applications requiring precise heat

 etched foil heater    MPC2 Temperature Controller


The medical industry is filled with machines, devices, and instrumentation that require thermal management. In many cases, these parts are highly sensitive, intricate, state-of the-art apparatus. Examples include: 

- Incubators - Surgical tools               - Dialysis equipment

- Blood analysis equipment               - Laboratory equipment - Respirators

- Medical instrumentation                 - Ultrasound equipment - Monitors

- Dental instruments                          - Sterilizers

- Operating room equipment            - Defibrillators

These items have extensive medical quality requirements. Because they are dealing with the human condition and play an important role in restoring or maintaining people’s health, all components of the devices are held to the same high-quality standards, such as extreme accuracy and repeatability. Medical device qualification procedures and FDA traceability expectations must be achieved, and if all requirements are not fulfilled, consequences could be very negative and harmful. Additionally, space and size constraints are often challenging and require special heater specifications.


BriskHeat etched foil heaters will meet medical industry requirements to provide precise heating and thermal control. Etched foil heating elements are created using a photolithography process which allows for more even and repeatable heat. Heaters are fabricated using computer-guided tools to complete the primary processes of drilling, imaging, etching, laminating, and excising, in addition to various sub-processes. The result is even-heat-distribution, accurately-shaped heaters that can be as small as 0.5 in (13 mm) square, as thin as .0045 in (0.11 mm), and whatever shape is required. Additionally, because of the automated manufacturing process, large quantities of heaters are extremely affordable.

High amp draw heaters require a suitable temperature controller. For applications when the power will be 15-50 amps, BriskHeat’s TB4000 or TC4000 are the correct controllers. For applications where there are numerous heaters, the MPC2 is the preferred choice. The MPC2 has digital PID control modules for each zone for more accurate control.

Additional Applications

Similar high-quality and space-constraint requirements exist in other industries such as Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Analytical Instrumentation. BriskHeat’s etched foil heaters will meet the requirements of these industries as well.