High-Temperature High-Watt Heating

High-Temperature High-Watt Heating

A safe and efficient way to provide extreme temperatures and high watt density heating


Manufacturing/Industrial companies often need to heat tanks, hoppers, vessels, conveyor ovens, piping & valve systems, etc. to extremely high temperatures. Additionally, they may require the heat-up to occur rapidly. Often these applications are located in hazardous areas, wet areas, or environments where products may be subject to harsh conditions.


BriskHeat’s Mineral Insulated (MI) Heating Cable is an excellent heating solution for these types of applications. MI cable can reach temperatures of 1,832°F (1,000°C) and has a watt density of up to 76.2 watts/ft (250 watts/m). The high watt-density capabilities of MI cable provides incredibly fast heat-up and reliable temperature maintenance at extremely high temperatures. Additionally, its high-quality construction offers numerous benefits:

Additional Uses

Tanks and vessels Power generation hoppers Containers and drums Valves, flanges, and metal tubes Radiant heaters Furnaces
Floodgate heating Reactors Plate Heating Pump Heating Continuous heating ovens Refining and Crude Distillation