Blown-Film Manufacturing

Blown-Film Manufacturing

For high-standard and space-constraint applications requiring precise heat

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“Blown Film” refers to a broad range of plastic films manufactured for a wide range of uses. Examples of products made from blown film include trash and kitchen bags, plastic wrap, cellophane tape, laminating films, food packaging, agriculture and membrane films, industrial packaging wraps, and much more. To manufacture blown film, air and plastic are blown through heated tubular chambers of varying diameters to create a thin film which is then cooled and transferred to rollers. A precise combination of heat and air is used to properly produce the blown film. If it is not combined accurately, the product may be defective, causing huge losses of finished goods in addition to production downtime.


BriskHeat’s mica band heaters provide the precise heat required to properly manufacture blown film. These band heaters are computer designed and manufactured to exact application specifications. Materials are the highest quality, low-thermalexpansion stainless-steel clamps are used to maximize surface contact, the nickel/ chromium resistance wire is evenly wound for uniform heat distribution, and exact watt densities can be attained. Additionally, they are moisture and corrosion resistant, have a low-profile 0.125 in (3 mm) design, and can be manufactured to UL standard UL499 and CE compliance. For industrial applications where monitoring temperature is a critical need, the TTD controller is an easy-to-use controller that offers a digital display for easy programming and visual temperature identification. Larger heaters with amp ratings greater than 12 Amps, should use a TC4000 Series controller with ratings up to 50 amps.

Other Applications

BriskHeat Band Heaters are used in applications found in injection molding, die casting, tank & drum heating, pulp & paper processing equipment, food & candy extruders, vending machines, and analytical instrumentation.

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