Adhesive Tube Warming

Adhesive Tube Warming

A simple and effective way to ensure sealant and adhesive tubes/cartridges are kept warm and usable


Construction workers and maintenance personnel often require tubes of adhesives and sealants to properly complete their daily responsibilities. Construction adhesives are commonly used to bond materials and objects where fasteners cannot be used. Adhesive examples include epoxy, polyurethane, and polyamide adhesives. Sealants are commonly used to keep air, moisture, and other materials out. Sealant examples include acrylic, butyl, silicone, and urethane sealants.

When adhesives and sealants get cold (below 50°F/10°C), their viscosity and resistance to flow increases and they become extremely difficult to extrude from their tubes. The cold also prevents them from bonding and curing properly. Users must make sure the materials do not get cold so they can reduce downtime and increase productivity.


BriskHeat’s Industrial Warming Case is ideal for maintaining temperature of sealants and adhesives. The case can hold up to 6 large adhesive tubes, yet is small enough to sit on a tabletop or seat of a vehicle. It has a built-in 86°F (30°C) automatic temperature controlling thermostat so that no temperature adjustment is required, eliminating guesswork.

The warmer’s case is made of durable PVC-coated cloth. The heating element is a unique crushproof Fabroc™ heating technology. Both components are extremely durable, water resistant and acceptable for use in harsh environments. The case is built with 3/8” (10mm) foam insulation to increase thermal efficiency. Simple open and close lid and small portable design makes this an easy solution for keeping adhesives warm and ready for use on the job site.

The warming case can be configured to accept low voltage DC current as well as high voltage AC current.

Additional Uses

This product is also available in a 12VDC model to run off vehicle accessory outlets. For additional versatility the warming case can be opened-up to lay flat as a heated blanket for warming tools and larger items.

Fabroc™ is an extremely durable heating element that can be custom configured for a variety of uses. The element is ultra-thin, flexible, moisture and chemical resistant.

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