Protecting Mechanical Devices from the Inclement Weather 

Eliminate performance issues resulting from wintry conditions

 wet area custom cloth    wet area custom cloth


Manufacturer’s often need to run piping outdoors to save space, or move materials to another building or manufacturing area. Mechanical devices are used to control the flow of fluids and gases through the piping system. Exhaust fumes may exit the building on the roof and be routed to scrubbers for cleaning before releasing into the air. Examples of common mechanical devices are pumps, valves, actuators, regulators, heat exchangers and flow measuring components. Performance of all these mechanical components can be adversely affected by cold temperature, ice and snow. Failures can occur when lubricating oils cease to be effective or ice prevents actuators from moving freely. Not only can these failures stop a process, but devices may be damaged beyond repair. Once a failure occurs, the entire system may shut down, causing costly delays, difficult or dangerous repairs, and lost revenue.


BriskHeat’s Wet-Area Custom Cloth Heating Jackets will protect the devices to ensure the cold temperatures do not cause system failures. They form a pocket of warm air around the valves and actuators and are easily installed and held in place using built-in hook & loop, boot hook and lace, or any other preferred attachment/closure method. The heaters are extremely versatile with customization of lengths, widths, and diameter. The absence of a form-fitting requirement adds to their affordability. They are plug-and-play with built-in insulation, controlling thermostats and power cords and plugs. Additionally, standard features include high-limit thermostats and a 360° grounded heating element for added safety.

Additional Uses:

Wet-Area Custom Cloth Heating Jackets can also be used on tanks, drums, cylinders, vessels, conveyers, hoppers, pipes, pumps, gauges, meters, analytical equipment, and much more.

These heaters are also popular in washdown locations or anywhere moisture is present.