Perfume & Flavor Viscosity Control

Perfume & Flavor Viscosity Control

A simple and effective means to maintaining good flow and viscosity control of concentrated oils



Grasse, France is considered to be the perfume capital of the world. Heat is required to maximize production and ensure proper dosing of concentrated and (very) expensive oils. Failure to sufficiently heat these oils will lead to improper dosing and inconsistent formulas. During the production of perfume and flavorings, manufacturers require the temperature of the oils to be maintained from 60°C to 80°C (140°F to 176°F). This allows for good viscosity control and reliable production standards. 

Raw material oils are stored in 208 liter (55 gallon) drums and pumped into production through pipe lines. The drums, pipes, and associated valves need to be heated to ensure proper flow and dosage.


Heat the 208 liter (55 gallon) drums with BriskHeat’s full-coverage drum heaters. These insulated heaters are energy efficient and provide evenly distributed heat throughout the drum, ideal for perfume and flavor production. A built-in digital temperature controller allows the user to accurately set a temperature and monitor the heater’s performance. 

SLMCBL mid-temperature and self-regulating heating cable is used to maintain temperature through production. It is a great solution for heating pipes, valves, etc. because of its reliability and it can be installed around custom systems. Self-regulating cable is semi-flexible and can be straight traced or spiral wrapped for long runs on a single circuit. It will automatically adjust its heat output, based upon ambient conditions, and never exceed its specific rated temperature. A protective outer shell encasing the cable resists moisture and chemicals for worry free use in harsh or hazardous environments. 

Another option for heating pipe lines and valves is with KE constant-wattage heating cable to maintain the prescribed temperature. KE cable is rated up to 260°C (500°F) and coupled with a temperature controller to program a specific desired temperature. The KE series has a FEP extruded outer jacket that protects the cable from the corrosive chemicals and is FM approved for both ordinary and hazardous environments.

Optional Accessories

  • Drum top insulator lid 
  • INSUL-LOCK®DS flexible pipe insulation
  • High temperature aluminum adhesive tape