Mid-Temperature Material Management

Mid-Temperature Material Management

An effective way to reduce viscosity while avoiding excessive heat

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Bulk materials used in manufacturing and industrial environments must often be warmed-up to be usable for production processes. This is due to the materials’ high room-temperature viscosities which make flowing, pumping, or pouring difficult or impossible. Typical examples of materials include food ingredients, oils, catalysts, chemicals, lubricants, waxes, solvents, and greases. They are commonly stored in tanks or vessels or moving through pipes. Warming these storage or transportation areas lowers the viscosity and makes the materials much more manageable. Desired temperatures vary from one material to another, but the range is normally between 100°F and 150°F (38°C - 66°C). Care must be taken when warming the products as excessive heat can cause damage or handling problems, which could increase costs or lead to expensive downtime.


BriskHeat’s MSTAT mid-temperature silicone heating tapes are a versatile and effective solution to warm vessel and pipe systems. They simply wrap around the areas that needs heat. The plug-and-play designs feature 50°F to 160°F (10°C to 71°C) built-in thermostats to eliminate excessive heat, and the low-profile 1in (2.5cm) width maximizes flexibility. They are available in lengths between 2 ft and 50 ft (0.6 m to 15 m), and the multi-stranded grounded heating element ensures safe use and durability. Additionally, they can be used repeatedly.

Alternate Solution

Some melting operations such as blending chocolates may be more temperaturesensitive than others. Cloth heating jackets used with BriskHeat’s LYNX™ modules couple superior temperature uniformity with easy-to-use accurate PID control technology. Modules can also be used to control other heaters such as silicone BSO tapes.

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