IBC/Tote Tank Warming

IBC/Tote Tank Warming

An easy and reliable way to warm the contents of an IBC/Tote tank

Tote Tank Warming Heating Pads


Users of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) often need to raise the temperature to reduce viscosity or protect the contents from the cold. Maintaining an elevated temperature ensures materials remain ready for production and easy to dispense.If the temperatures of the contents fall below desired levels, the contents could
be ruined or unable to dispense at all. This can result in increased production cost or damage to equipment. Replacing ruined materials and damaged equipment
could be very expensive and cause serious downtime.


BriskHeat’s Wrap-Around IBC/Tote Tank Heaters fit around IBC/Totes to warm the contents. They are a convenient all-in-one heater that includes built-in insulation and a 2-zone temperature controller. The 2 independent controllers accommodate 2 adjustable heating zones, (top and bottom) at 50° up to 160°F (10° up to 71°C). When the material level is reduced, heat can be removed from the unheated portion of the tank. BriskHeat Wrap-Around IBC/Tote heaters are designed for use with caged, plastic,
or metal IBC/Tote tanks and adjustable to fit many sizes.

  • Adjustable nylon straps/buckles allow for easy installation and secure fit.
  •  Standard grounded 3-prong plug makes for easy power connection (240 V models have bare wire).
  • Fiberglass insulation ensures thermal efficiency while a built-in high limit thermostat and grounded heating element prevents overheating and provides safe worry-free operation.

Another IBC Tote heating option is the BriskHeat TTH Silicone Rubber IBC/Tote Tank Heater. These heaters are for use with IBC/Tote models where the bottle can be safely removed from the cage. They are installed directly underneath the empty bottle and fit safely inside the cage. This in-cage design provides faster heat-up time because the heater is in direct contact with the bottle. The heater comes complete with a digital temperature controller and is safe for indoor/outdoor use.

  • TTH heaters are made using fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber and 1/2 in (13 mm) thick foam padding to provide outstanding durability
  • Thermocouple temperature sensor is built directly into the heater for accurate and reliable temperature sensing.
  • The grounded heating element provides safe use.

Common Materials Used in IBC/Totes:

  • Lubricants/Oils
  • Solvents
  • Detergents
  • Adhesives
  • Liquid/Granulated/Powdered Food Ingredients 
  • Honey/Syrup/Molasses
  • Chemicals, and More

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