Honey Warming

Honey Warming

A simple, safe, and efficient way to heat honey and avoid overheating or burning the mixture

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Bulk honey can be thick and very difficult to process through filtering and bottling operations. For beekeepers and others in the honey-producing business or even those who use bulk honey as a food ingredient, it’s a common problem to overcome. This is because pure raw honey crystallizes and turns from a liquid state to a semi-solid state at temperatures under 70°F (21°C).

Crystallization occurs naturally because pure honey is an over–saturated sugar solution typically about 20% water and 80% sugars with 25-40% of those sugars being glucose. The glucose crystallizes and spreads throughout the honey mixture and the result is a thickened mixture and a dramatic increase in viscosity making it extremely difficult or even impossible to pump or pour.

To re-liquefy the honey and reverse the crystallization process, the honey must be slowly and evenly heated to approximately 95°F (40°C). To greatly increase the fluidity of the honey, packers and bottlers may heat the honey up to 150°F (60°C) for a short period of time to strain/filter and package the honey into bottles.


BriskHeat’s DHLS silicone band heaters are an excellent source of heat for warming and re-liquefying honey. The 4” wide wrap-around band heaters deliver an even heat to nearly the entire circumference of the container, ensuring an efficient and controlled warming process. A built-in dial control is used to adjust the heat output of the heater up to a maximum setting of 160°F (71°C) while avoiding overheating and scorching the product.

DHLS heaters have a high watt density that ensures rapid heat-up and are grounded for a safe worry-free operation. The reinforced silicone rubber outer cover is moisture and chemical resistant and provides durability and long-lasting reliable performance. With models available for metal and plastic* containers ranging from 5 to 55 gallon (19 to 208 liter), BriskHeat is sure to have a heater that meets your needs.

* For plastic containers, BriskHeat recommends the use of DPCS series silicone band heaters.

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