Food-Service Equipment Heating

Food-Service Equipment Heating 

Keeping food at optimum temperatures for extended periods of time


Aluminum foil heater
TC4X Temperature Controller


Food-service equipment such as buffet tables, warming boxes & cabinets, salad bars, and chafers often need heat to keep the food warm. These items may also have several chambers or wells holding different items that require different temperatures. Additionally, chambers and wells requiring heat coverage may have varying sizes, and many have tight space restrictions for the heaters. Of course, engineers designing these products are always looking for solutions that provide the right balance of affordability and quality. If the proper heaters are not used and functioning properly, the food can get cold, and worse, spoil and cause food poisoning.


BriskHeat’s flexible aluminum foil heaters are the ideal solution for warming food in food service equipment. They have an extremely low profile (.186 in/4.7 mm) and can be manufactured in almost any shape to fit even the most uniquely-shaped chambers or wells. They are easily installed with either built-in adhesive backing or by mechanically fastening. They have rapid thermal response due to their high watt density of up to 3 W/in² (0.47 W/cm²) and highly conductive aluminum construction and can reach temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). The foil heaters are also extremely affordable and have cULus, CE, and CSA quality approvals. Additionally, if designers require custom features such as holes or cut-outs, unique lead materials or terminations, or dual wattages or voltages, they can be accommodated, and with low development costs. Temperature controllers to be used near food service equipment should be suitable for exposure to moisture. The TC4X-2 comes with a 78 in (198 cm) long temperature sensor allowing the probe to be located near the heater and the control box hidden from access.


Additional Uses

BriskHeat’s flexible aluminum foil heaters can also be used as replacement units for malfunctioning original equipment heaters. BriskHeat has no minimum orders for custom foil heaters.

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