Flexible Heat Tape Complex Systems

Flexible Tape Heating Solution for Difficult to Heat Complex Systems

A simple and efficient way to heat complex pipe systems or large irregular shaped tanks and vessels


flexible heat tape - Briskheat


Heating complex winding pipe systems with many turns or large irregular shaped objects can be extremely difficult using traditional surface heating products. Often these systems must be heated to protect the internal contents from freezing temperatures, or the process requires maintaining higher temperatures of several hundred degrees.

Some of the unique applications encountered include: Long winding pipe systems, cone shaped chutes or hoppers, small diameters, tight bend radiuses, or objects with difficult or limited access, etc. Heating these objects with traditional heat trace cable can seem impossible to install and be a rather ineffective solution because there isn’t enough surface contact. Additionally, these systems may be exposed to water or caustic chemicals requiring a moisture and chemical resistant heater.


BriskHeat’s RKF long-length silicone rubber heating tapes are an easy-to-install ultraflexible heating tape for easy installation around challenging systems. The extremely flexible 1/4” (6mm) bend radius provides reliable surface contact making it an ideal heating solution for irregular shapes, complex pipe systems with many twists and turns, and more. They are engineered with a 1/8” (3mm) thin profile to provide maximum flexibility with minimal obstruction. This is especially important in areas where access is limited or tight tolerances exist between objects. A silicone extruded cover provides exceptional durability along with extreme water and chemical resistance for reliable performance with long service life. They are an ideal solution for freeze protection and process heating applications.

RKF silicone heating tapes are available in standard lengths of 20ft, 40ft, 60ft, 80ft, and 100ft (6.1m, 12.2m, 18.3m, 24.4m, and 30.5m). They can also be custom manufactured to any length up to 100ft (30.5m).

BriskHeat offers a variety of temperature controlling devices and insulating materials to meet the specific needs of the application and environment where the RKF heating tape is installed.

Additional Uses

BriskHeat’s RKF long-length heating tapes can be used on tanks and vessels of all shapes and sizes to increase or maintain the contents’ temperatures. These applications are generally not restricted by pipe shape, tank size or shape, or industry.