Asphalt Sealant Warming

An easy way to warm asphalt sealant in IBC/Tote tanks 

warm asphalt sealant in IBC/Tote tanks


Asphalt sealants are used to enhance and protect asphalt by filling cracks or sealing entire surfaces. Often they are kept in large IBC/tote tanks for bulk storage and/or transportation to a job site. They are typically thick and hard to extract from the IBC/Tote tank through a hose or applicator without preheating. Preheating or keeping asphalt sealants warm reduces viscosity and makes them much easier to extract. Common application temperatures are around 125°F (59°C). In cooler environments or outdoors, it can be extremely difficult or nearly impossible to apply without preheating the material and keeping it warm.


BriskHeat TOTE series heaters installed on the tank provide the heat and insulation necessary to keep asphalt sealants at an optimum operating temperature, even in cold weather. 

TOTEW series heaters are adjustable fitting full-coverage heaters with insulation and built-in temperature controller. No special wiring or equipment needed, these heaters are plug-and-play ready for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. A built-in high-limit cut-off feature ensures safe use. Since the heater wraps around the outside of the IBC/Tote it never comes into contact with the material avoiding contamination or scorching and can easily be installed and removed as needed. The adjustable-fit design wraps around any size IBC/Tote tank 170 to 330 gallons (640 to 1250 litres). If a moisture resistant heater is not required, BriskHeat’s TOTE wrap-around IBC/tote tank heaters will provide the solution.

Additional Uses

Wrap-around IBC/tote tank heaters can be used on any product that is stored in IBCs/totes or other storage tanks that needs to be kept warm.

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